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Palbooro is working on creating educational programs, animated films, and entertainment shows that get millions of views on YouTube. By teaming up with professional directors, animators, illustrators, screenwriters, sound engineers and voice actors, we get a product that is broadcasted on streaming platforms in many countries. We always strive to create the best product for our children and therefore our projects for the little ones are approved by YouTube kids. Our cartoons have screening certificates for broadcasting on television and have been translated into many languages ​​of the world.
Our projects
A fascinating and entertaining animated series for children aged 3-7. Funny raccoons arrange pranks, participate in challenges, help in difficult situations, teach how to be good friends and have fun! Your children will be happy to immerse themselves in the kind and cheerful, bright and attractive world of the Raccoon family.
Op & Bob is a fun educational cartoon for children from 0 to 3 years old about two funny creatures that will explain to your baby how the world around them works in an easy and interesting way. In the new season, Op and Bob are joined by a new character DeeDee, who’s always hungry and has a sweet tooth. Together they will show and tell your kids how diverse and delicious the cuisine around the world is.
A very beautiful and colorful cartoon with its original style. All episodes are created on the basis of the best popular and new author's children's songs in our own adaptation. The animated series contributes to kids’ early learning, helps remember letters, numbers and colors easier, in a fun cartoon format with excellent sound accompaniment.
Meet Dr. Do it! This animated character is a walking guide for all occasions. You don’t know how to find your place in life? Do It Doc can help you. Don't know how to clean your beloved cat? Do It Doc will tell you how. All Do It Doc videos are short tips videos with entertaining visuals. And even if you have a difficult situation - just type it in the search bar and Dr. Do it will offer you a solution, help with advice, and tell you how to act.
Buzya the piggy is a channel about the life of a small and funny guinea pig Buzya, her friend Kuzya and their owner Zoey. The channel has a lot of fun for those who love jokes with animals, fun and good cheer. Here you’ll see kind-hearted jokes, popular challenges, TikTok life hacks, pranks, songs and much more. Lots of funny animals and mammals – a turtle named Burger, a snail, a rabbit and a team of funny ants come to visit and make you laugh with their stories.
An educational animated series for children, which will help the little viewer learn more about the traffic regulations, as well as the structure and purpose of cars and various specialized vehicles. The interactive format of the cartoon lets a child participate in the sequence of events, delve into it and learn about the world. And Bibi knows everything about cars and repairing them and really wants to share his knowledge with young viewers.
A funny and very kindhearted animated series, in which the puppies Bagel and Tasel get into various adventures and find an original way out of them. Being an example, the dogs simply and cheerfully talk about important things, such as friendship, kindness and mutual support. The cartoon teaches kids to help adults, not be afraid of adventures, be smart and take care of your health properly.
Buzya and Kuzya are cute little guinea pigs that are loved by children of all ages. Together with their owner Zoey, they make exciting and educational videos for children and teenagers - interesting experiments, handmade, popular challenges, life hacks, pranks, songs and much more.
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